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Dads of Faith - The Faith Principles of Fatherhood for Divorced Men

In this impactful, forward-thinking book, Rev. Dr. Ken J. Gordon, Jr. shares faith principles for divorced fathers and places an emphasis on engaged co-parenting, which is critically important for children impacted by divorce. Dr. Gordon passionately, and honestly, speaks to fathers by sharing his personal spiritual journey, the lessons he learned about himself and his children, and why the responsibility of being a dad is extremely important. Every chapter is a collection of powerful biblical and commonsense realities that every man should adopt, whether their marriage has failed or not. Dr. Gordon also addresses the women and children affected by divorce and provides insight and inspiration to them.

The Love of a Father - Faith Principles of the Power of a Father's Love 

This insightful and thought-provoking book illustrates how a father’s love is forgiving, everlasting, unconditional, and often 

misunderstood. The book uses the Christian faith to show that fathers love as deeply as mothers, just differently. It highlights fathers in the Bible, and challenges men to openly express a father’s love as modeled in the Word of God.

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Bad Dogs - A Black Cadet in Dixie

Inspired by actual events, this gritty novel chronicles the experiences of Jon Quest, an African-American student from the North who attends a prestigious Southern military university. Facing constant verbal and physical racist attacks, he works to eliminate the racial terrorism which is so prevalent. When an incident occurs that puts him and his friends in the crosshairs, Jon forms a secret vigilante squad. The story presents an uncomfortable reality in a raw and thought-provoking manner.

Pancake Dad!
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Coming Soon:  The first in Pastor Ken's 12-book children's series, Pancake Dad follows a a typical Saturday morning for Kristian, Leah, Griffin, their Mom, and Pancake Dad.

Other books in the series, which are coming soon, include:

  • Ice Cream Dad

  • Pizza Dad

  • Date Night Dad

  • Bible Dad

  • Homework Dad

  • Dinner Table Dad

  • Good Night Dad

  • Christmas Eve Dad

  • It's Christmas Dad!

  • Chore Time Dad

  • Yard Work Dad

Upcoming Books by Pastor Ken
  • The Fig Tree Philosophy - Faith Principles of Identifying and Moving Past Toxic Relationships

  • Mama Says - Yesterday's Wisdom for Today's Times

  • Divorced But Still Parenting - Faith Principles of Co-Parenting for Divorcees

  • Secrets in the Sheets - Defiled, Deceived, but not Destroyed  

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