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Inspired by actual events, this timely, gritty, and thought-provoking novel chronicles the four-year college experiences of Jon Quest, an African-American student from the North who is attending a prestigious military university in the South. Jon does not live by the code for African-Americans in the South, and is therefore repeatedly the target of racist attacks...until he starts fighting back.

Jon is at the mercy of racists who do not want “his kind” at their esteemed university.

Despite constant verbal and physical assaults, Jon refuses to be intimidated. His journey to empowerment has begun. He rises to a position of respect among his peers and begins working to improve conditions for Blacks on and off campus. His “take-no-prisoners” efforts focus on eliminating the racial terrorism which is so prevalent at his university and throughout the South. As he continues his campaign of racial empowerment, Jon adeptly uses the very system previously set up to hold them back. But an incident occurs that puts him and his friends in the crosshairs, and threatens all they’ve hoped to accomplish. In desperation, Jon forms a secret vigilante squad to protect himself and his friends, and to mete out retribution to those who escape accountability. 

Readers are taken on an emotional ride on the roller coaster of racism through the eyes of a recipient of this inexplicable hatred, as this country’s leaders of tomorrow reveal their true feelings about white privilege and ingrained racism. The story boldly presents an uncomfortable reality in a raw and thought-provoking manner.

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